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Prizes and Awards

All submissions will be evaluated by a Screening Committee consisting of good governance experts and academics. Papers will be evaluated and the most interesting, innovative and well developed ideas will be chosen to progress.

Those competition entries will then be submitted to a Selection Committee, comprised of distinguished academics and professionals from the Middle East Institute of Columbia University in NYC.

The Final Jury members, consisting of prominent political figures, businesspeople and scholars, are responsible for determining the first, second and third place winners.

The prizes consist of:

  1.  First prize: $10,000 cash award, trophy and two-month paid internship
  2. Second prize: $5,000 cash award and trophy and two-month paid internship
  3. Third Prize: $2,500 cash award and trophy


The evaluation of papers will be based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and relevance to good governance in Lebanon
  • Rigor, depth and breadth of the coverage
  • Organization, structure and focus
  • Writing substance and style
  • Presentation, format and references


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