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The inspiration for the book "Who Am I" came to Mrs Yasma Fuleihan after the horrific events of the 2006 summer war in Lebanon. Mrs Fuleihan was concerned for the welfare of all those suffering the terrible consequences of the bombing campaign, but she was particularly saddened and outraged by the aggression and violence being perpetrated upon the innocent children.

She felt that she had wisdom to share with these children, in much the same way the she strives to teach her own children, who are the collateral victims of violence through their father's tragic death, that no matter what we have suffered through, we must not let it draw us into hatred and vengeance.

"Who am I?" promotes an awareness of self within the child through personal examination and reflection. Delivering a message of peace and tolerance, and allowing the young reader to design their own vision of their future, Yasma Fuleihan hopes this book will empower children to aspire to live a life without hatred.

All proceeds from the sale of the book go directly to the Basil Fuleihan Foundation. "WHO AM I" will retail within Europe for 10 euros. The book is available in English or French (under the title "Qui Suis-je"), and will also be available in bookstores across Lebanon.









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