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Do entries need to be factual?

Entries must demonstrate the individualís perception of peace, and do not have to be literal. We are looking for an insight into the entrantís personal observations of the concept of peace, and not necessarily a factual explanation.

Is it possible to submit a collaborative work written by several authors?

Participants must present individual work. Co-authoring is not allowed.

Is it possible for an entry to be part of a school group?

Every entry is generated a personal ID number upon submission, so entries must be submitted one at a time. When you complete the entry form with your submission, we ask which school you are attending and record that information.

How will you make sure that the competition is fair?

By submitting a cover page with only your email contact information, we are able to guarantee the anonymity of all applications when they are evaluated by the judges. Additionally, each application is randomly assigned an electronic ID number upon submission and is only referred to by that number for the remainder of the competition.

Can I submit more than one application?

There is no limit to the number of applications you can make. However, please remember to submit each application individually, so that each one has a separate ID number specific to that entry.

Can I submit a text with a drawing?

You can submit text and/or illustrations in any combination, as long as they represent a cohesive idea.

Do I have to register before I participate in the competition?

There is no need to register before participating. When you go to basilfuleihanfoundation.org website to post your application, you are automatically registered at the time of submission. Upon submission, each paper is assigned an electronic ID that is specific to that application.

Your question not in the list?

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