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Dr. Basil Fuleihan believed in his country, Lebanon. He worked diligently toward the progress and development of Lebanon, and we want his work to continue, his dreams to come true, his ideas to be realized and his vision to be fulfilled. The seeds of progress that he sowed need to be nurtured to blossom and bear fruits for future generations. This is why we have the Basil Fuleihan Foundation, a non-profit organization that will continue the legacy of his work for a better future for Lebanon and the Lebanese. The Basil Fuleihan Foundation will develop solutions to broad-based social and economic problems, and sponsor research and other projects in the fields of public policy, public service, reform, transparency and good governance, with the aim of accelerating economic growth and development.

Mother’s Day, 21-03-2010
  Oummi TV Ad

This Mother’s Day, in keeping with their goal to promote Lebanese mothers’ rights by supporting reform in the public sector, the Basil Fuleihan Foundation wished to remind us all to pay a special moment of respect to our Lebanese mothers for all of her efforts and for all that she does for her family, through a TV ad that was produced and fully sponsored by Impact BBDO, and nationally broadcasted using donated airtime by the Lebanese TV channels. The Basil Fuleihan Foundation raised awareness of the plight of all Lebanese mothers. Through the moving words of a student reciting a Mother’s Day poem, the ad voices the many forms of legal discrimination faced by a Lebanese mother. The current law deprives Lebanese mothers of granting their nationality to their own children (it can only be passed from the father), and it also prohibits them from retaining custody of their child in the case of divorce (if custody is sought by the father) or in the case of being widowed (where custody is often given to the paternal grandfather or uncle).
  4th Celebration of the Life and Achievements of Dr. Basil Fuleihan

On Saturday 18 April 2009, a ceremony was held at Sursock Palace in Beirut to mark the 4th anniversary of the passing of Dr. Basil Fuleihan. During the ceremony, Dr. Fuleihan’s life and contributions to the Lebanese people were celebrated through speeches, music, a film and through the presentation of awards for the first annual Basil Fuleihan Foundation Words for Peace Competition.

Friends, family, politicians and dignitaries gathered in the lush gardens to honor Dr. Basil Fuleihan. They recalled his life as a gift to the Lebanese people while sharing words of support for Lebanon’s future and for the fulfillment of Basil's dreams for Lebanon: the country he so loved and for which he held so much hope.
Excerpts from Guest Speaker Speeches

H.E. MP Dr. Ghazi Youssef representing H.E. MP Saad Hariri More
H.E. Dr. Salah Eddine Al-Bashir, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Industry & Trade, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan More
Ms. Nada Al Nashif, Regional Director, ILO More
Mr. Ali Jaber, Dean of Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Communication More
The First Words for Peace Competition

The First annual Basil Fuleihan Foundation Words for Peace Competition ‘09 (BFWfP’09) was launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in October 2008. The competition’s aim was to give children, in public and private schools between the ages of 13 and 18, the opportunity to present their own innovative vision and interpretation of peace. Mrs. Fuleihan stressed, in an interview with An Nahar newspaper, that this competition aims at encouraging and promoting innovative ideas about peace and its implementation, specifically by today’s generation, the source of our future leaders. With the paralyzed situation in Lebanon, voices need to be unleashed throughout the country, spreading the concept of peace in which the late Dr. Fuleihan staunchly believed, the path that the late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri initiated. Dr. Fuleihan wanted a united Lebanon for his children and all its citizens. Mrs. Fuleihan said: “The subject of peace comes to remind us that we should not repeat the war experience and the spark that ignited it. We should not forget that we are passers-by in this world and we are all invited to fend off hatred and bitterness and live in peace.” More
Winner Overviews
(As published in An-Nahar newspaper)

Cynthia Zarife
Mindy Jennifer Krause
Ali Harb
Amal El Baba

News and Events
101 People who made a difference
On 24th February the Basil Fuleihan Foundation was acknowledged for its passionate efforts to make a difference in the realm of Lebanese life. A certificate, signed by Marte Ruedas (UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative), Samir Farah (FES Representative) and Habil El-Jasr (CDR President) was accepted on behalf of the Basil Fuleihan Foundation by Rana Kadi, Social Development Coordinator. More
Benefit performance of the Greek tragedy Antigone was a great success
The Basil Fuleihan Foundation is pleased to announce that the private benefit performance of the Greek tragedy Antigone, staged the Theatre Le Salon in Geneva, on Wednesday 12 November was a great success.  More
The launch of "WHO AM I?"
The Basil Fuleihan Foundation announces the launch of "WHO AM I?" a children's book promoting a message of peace and tolerance, by Yasma Fuleihan.  More
Special dedication program aired on LBCI with Kalam El Nass and Marcel Ghanem
On 17 April 2008, LBCI aired a special dedication program with Kalam El Nass and Marcel Ghanem in the memory of martyr Basil Fuleihan.  More
The 2008 Basil Fuleihan Innovative Good Governance (BFIGG) Competition
The second annual Basil Fuleihan Innovative Good Governance competition was launched in December 2007. The goal of the competition was to solicit innovative, sustainable ideas from young Lebanese people in the area of public reform. More
Basil Fuleihan Innovative Good Governance (BFIGG) competition winners announced at Press Conference on April 17, 2008
The winners of the 2008 Basil Fuleihan Innovative Good Governance (BFIGG) competition were announced on Thursday 17 April 2008 at a press conference held at the Press Syndicate, Corniche Mazraa, Beirut. More
2008 BFIGG Launched in December 2007
The Basil Fuleihan Foundation in collaboration with the Middle East Institute of Columbia University announced the launch of the second annual Basil Fuleihan Innovative Good Governance competition. More
2007 Basil Fuleihan Innovative Good Governance (BFIGG) Competition
The Basil Fuleihan Innovative Good Governance competition was launched in May 2006, with the goal to solicit innovative, sustainable ideas from young Lebanese people in the area of public reform. More
Consumer Protection Law
The Basil Fuleihan Foundation participated in a workshop held during the Lebanon Opportunities annual conference on 21 June 2006 at the Dbayeh Conference Center. More
Trade Liberalization in the Arab World: Multilateralism vs. Regionalism
The launching of `Trade Liberalization in the Arab World: Multilateralism vs. Regionalism, ´ written by Dr. Basil Fuleihan and published by Dar An-Nahar took place on 19 May 2006. More
Basil Fuleihan Innovative Good Governance Award
The “Basil Fuleihan Innovative Good Governance Award” (BFIGG), a research paper competition to solicit innovative ideas on good governance, was launched on 3 May 2007. The BFIGG was born from the collaboration between Mrs. Yasma Fuleihan, Dr. Bijan Azad and Ms. Ragheda Jaber as part of the Lebanon Development Marketplace (LDM) project launched in 2006 with the theme Youth in Governance : Shaping the Future. More


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